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What To Include on Your Wedding Website

Jun 17, 2019  |  by Shar Owens for Senapa Cards

We live in a digital world and just about everything we do can be accomplished with the click of a few buttons. Planning a wedding is no different. If you've decided to share details with guests vi … read more

Wedding Theme Idea: Confetti-Inspired Wedding

Apr 26, 2019  |  by Shar Owens for Senapa Cards

If you're looking for a unique wedding theme idea, consider a theme that's confetti-inspired. A confetti wedding decoration theme is full of festivity and how could it not be? Whenever you see thos … read more

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations in Floral Lace

Apr 24, 2019  |  by Senapa Cards

Once a bride selects a wedding dress, the remaining elements of the wedding from stationery to decor are often influenced by the style of the dress. Will your wedding dress feature lovely flo … read more

Gorgeous Celestial Decor For Planetarium Weddings: Two Ways

Apr 23, 2019  |  by Shar Owens for Senapa Cards

We've been fascinated with planetarium weddings since creating this art-inspired board that featured an Adler Planetarium wedding. If a wedding under the moon and stars is what you're dreaming o … read more

Pantone Spring/Summer 2019 Color Palette

Feb 18, 2019  |  by Shar Owens

As someone who loves seeing pops of color in event styling, I’m inspired by the Pantone Spring/Summer 2019 color palette. This has to be one of my all-time favorite forecasts from the renowned colo … read more